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 What is a special cabinet OOG?
The special cabinet OOG (OUT OF GAUGE) is the abbreviation for the super size container or the super standard container.
Including: open top cabinets (Open TopContainer), flat (also called the FlatRackContainer cabinet cabinet frame),
The freezer (Reffer Container), the hanger (DresshangerContainer) and the tank cabinet (Tank Container).
Special cabinet OOG what kind of goods are suitable for the special cabinet?
It is mainly large machinery and equipment, vehicles, steel, pipe fittings, timber, ball mill, excavator, and excavator which are beyond the size of ordinary container or easy to load and unload.
Yachts, lifts, turbines, generators, piling machines, blenders, embroidery machines, stone boards, trucks, cranes, porcelain making machines,
Fish feeding machine, filling machine, steel furnace, slag crusher, grinding machine, crane, boiler, condenser, sugar equipment etc.
OOG special cabinet to undertake which ports, routes?
China's main ports: Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Lianyungang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc.
South Korea, Australia, Australia, the Middle East India and Pakistan, Europe and the East and West Africa, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the north and South America
What is the price of the special cabinet OOG and what does the inquiry need to provide?
Because the goods are complicated, and the short season, there is no empty space, cabinet, cargo weight, size effect, so by the quotation.
The need to provide: port of destination, name, weight scale, delivery time, SHIPPER, photo of individual owner of goods
OT FR, a top cabinet cabinet frame size, width limit high limit how much weight?
20 top cabinet:
Internal size: 5.893 m x 2.346 m x 2.353 m box door size: 2.338 m x 2.273 m internal volume: 32 cubic meters
Top size: 5.488 m x 2.230 meters limit weight: General 27.6 tons limit: general 4 meters
40 top cabinet:
Internal size: 12.029 m x 2.348 m x 2.359 m box door size: 2.338 m x 2.275 m internal volume: 66 cubic meters
Top size: 11.622 m x 2.118 meters limit weight: General 26.2 tons limit: general 4 meters
20FR/40FR frame cabinet:
The width and height are generally limited to within 4M, and the length is generally limited to less than 12.9 meters.
The weight limit of the small frame is 27.7 tons, and the weight limit of the large frame is 30 tons
Exceeds the limit, suggest you from miscellaneous ship